Frequently Asked Questions
What is a mobile website 

Before you begin using our service, let us define what a mobile website really is. A mobile website is defined as a website that can be viewed using a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, iPhone or Android device. In context, a mobile website is defined as a way to view a desktop website using the popularity of smartphones.

Technically, standard websites cannot be viewed on phones. Mobilize.ME makes it really easy and quick to create a new website that may be viewed on phones as well as other mobile devices. If you would like to test your existing website, please check out our free mobile website testing tool.

There are many businesses that use desktop websites. These websites are designed for computer desktops and laptops to provide people access to information that they need about a particular business. However, smartphones and other kinds of mobile devices have become very popular over the years and anyone that has used a smartphone to check out non-mobile friendly sites will quickly point out the frustration that he is experiencing in doing so!

Standard sites scroll sideways and are too big to be very visible on a small screen. It is harder to use your fingers to scroll up and to click on a non-mobile friendly site and all these add to the negative experience of people visiting your website.

Mobilize.ME is created to put an end to all these frustrating experiences. Mobile websites are smaller versions of your website. These are designed to fit in a small screen of a mobile phone which is no wider than 320 pixels that can only scroll up and down. Standard text links are eliminated and buttons are used to create a more user-friendly experience.

Compared to desktop websites, mobile websites gives a strong emphasis to the use of call to action buttons such as Click-to-Call. This feature allows mobile website users to simply tap the icon or button to place a call to the business. Another smart feature is the Mobile Map feature that considers that every mobile phone has a built-in map and GPS system. Users can simply use the Mobile Map to find the location of a store or a shop near them. They could pull up a map of their city so that they could travel to a location or a branch of a business. All these can be done in just a few clicks of a button. And of course, the best part of it all is that this could be added to a site once it has been transformed by Mobilize.ME using a very simple drag and drop mobile website builder platform.

So what is a mobile website? Simply put, it makes businesses more accessible to customers as they find businesses from a mobile search. If you own a business, a mobile website will make your customers happier with the rich experience that they get out of your business. You will also be able to transform site visitors to actual paying customers when you have a mobile friendly site.

Do I really need a mobile website 

Checking out the internet using a mobile device is fast becoming very popular these days. Experts on mobile device usage say that by 2021, mobile phones and devices will become the most common way to access the web which will eventually surpass the use of desktop computers and laptops.

Yes, you need a mobile website. A business website that does not have a mobile counterpart is only losing customers and visitors. This is because there are a lot of reasons why a standard desktop is just not the ideal equipment to use for mobile browsing.

Basically, desktop website do not cut it when it comes to a mobile search, this could drastically affect your mobile rankings on Google and other search engines. Viewing an ordinary site on a mobile device requires you to pinch and zoom the content which could be very frustrating for people using small mobile screens. You should test your existing website with our free mobile website testing tool.

People that find your site difficult to deal with from a mobile device will just drop your site and check out your competitors'.

Mobilize.ME is your solution to an easy and affordable mobile friendly site. Forget hiring a designer. This DIY mobile site creator will allow you to create beautiful, responsive and professional-looking mobile sites in just a few minutes.

How does Mobilize.ME transform my site into a beautiful mobile website 

Mobilize.ME is so smart it uses colors, logos, images, navigation and content of your desktop site to create a working mobile website. After these, it looks for other programs or services that your desktop site is using such as Facebook, Twitter, OpenTable, Locu or Yelp. It uses these vital pieces of information as well.

It will use your existing desktop website content to build a mobile-friendly site that will appear perfect in different kinds of mobile devices and varying screen sizes. You will be able to customize this new website using Mobilize.ME drag and drop site builder.

You do not need to learn codes to do this, and you do not have to be a computer expert to do so. Afterwards you will be able to add new content and features that will make your mobile site more interesting and user-friendly such as Click-to-Call buttons, restaurant menus and Multi-Location features.

How do you use Mobilize.ME? Do I need to have technical skills to do so 

Mobilize.ME is a DIY mobile website creator. Users do not need to have technical skills and knowledge in coding to get started. However, having experience with site codes will make it easier to modify your site using the source code features found on the program. You may also add a 3rd party code to the features of your site through a mobile website editor.

Is a domain name important in building a Mobilize.ME mobile website 

You don't need a domain name to create a site through Mobilize.ME but you can use their 3rd level domain option. You may also add your very own domain through our Professional Plan.

Does your service provide mobile analytics 

Yes. Our dashboard has a custom analytics tool for site owners. This will help you track how much traffic is coming in to your mobile website.

What is the difference between an APP and a mobile website 

Mobile apps are complete mobile applications. These need installation on your device and therefore it consumes system resources and memory. A mobile website is a sleeker and more convenient version of your desktop site that caters to the needs of your mobile users. You do not need to install it and therefore it does not require system resources. It displays even on a default mobile browser.

Will starting a mobile website affect my regular desktop version 

No. Mobile websites will not affect their main counterparts at all. We will only reorganize data that has already been publicly displayed on your main site. We will only save any changes that we make on your mobile website.

Will I be able to change the content of my mobile site once it has been published 

Yes you can. Mobilize.ME users will be able to access their website and make any changes that they want for as many times as they want to.

Will I be able to add content to my website 

Yes you can. The text plugin allows you to add blocks of text to your mobile version only.

Will changes that I make on my desktop site affect my mobile site 

Every time your mobile site is changed, the Mobile Engine renders the mobile site from scratch. This will allow any changes that have been made to the desktop website to be automatically saved to the mobile website. Therefore you save time managing two versions of your website.

How does my website become integrated with its new mobile version 

Using an HTML code that you will insert into the front code of your regular website; inside the tags <head> CODE </head>. You can do this manually or through an automatic system. You may also modify the DNS record of your domain name as well if you are having trouble doing so through these two steps. You may also contact us anytime if you need any kind of help.

Can I configure SEO to work on my site 

Yes you can. Mobilize.ME provides full control of your on-site SEO settings through your dashboard.

Will Mobilize.ME be able to change any kind of desktop site?

Mobilize.ME is designed to work with small business websites. The websites that we have converted are able to do a great job displaying their respective menus, locations, contact information and so on. We will be happy to work with all kinds of site however there are a few sites that we are unable to convert through our platform at this time.

Some of the sites that we do not support at this time are ecommerce shopping sites, logins, member areas or any part of a website that needs passwords to access, sites that make use of frames, Flash sites (note, Flash is no longer supported by Android devices and Apple devices however you may convert your website and add content through our features), sites with complex database searches, JavaScript sites and complex JavaScript in site and long forms and captchas.

How does Mobilize.ME work with ecommerce sites 

Our platform cannot convert online stores or any kinds of websites that has shopping carts, online checkout features and other ecommerce features that ask for payment information from customers.

How much is Mobilize.ME 

Mobilize.ME is a premium paid service. You can create your own mobile website through our unique technology. If you need more information about
our plans, you may check out our plans page for prices and a complete description.

How can I cancel my account 

If you would like to cancel, let us know by contacting us or sending us an email at at least a month in advance if you have an annual contract. For monthly contracts, contact us at least 10 days in advance. Please be sure to include your original order number, and as much detailed information about your account as possible to ensure a speedy response.